About Me

I’m all about being real, authentic and vulnerable as I know all too well the pain & suffering that comes from being disconnected to the Self, not knowing how to communicate effectively & making unconscious choices to numb the pain rather than deal with it.

I came from a family where there was zero communication or the nurturing that I required to thrive as an empath.  Due to this deep wounding, I was trapped in a cycle of people pleasing, self sabotage & unconscious choices.  At age 21 I entered an abusive relationship & was suicidal for many years.

I simply lacked the awareness that I was making poor choices rather than listening to & expressing what was true for me.

Through 9.5 years of solo travel, self development & constantly pushing my boundaries, I overcame the lack of self esteem & taught myself to communicate & ask for support.

This lead to empowerment.

I want to teach you the skills I learnt; to empower & trust yourself again, open to the voice within that’s yearning to be seen, heard & live a life that’s true [specifically] to you.

I am an acclaimed Reiki Master, Qualified practitioner in NLP, EFT, Hypnosis & Past Life Regression.

Reach out if you’re done playing it small & want to really start living

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