Beauty Vs Beast

We all have the Beauty and the Beast that lay within us.  Yet, it’s our decision as to which one we give power and grant reality to.  Are you creating a life that is filled with beauty, love and joy?  Or do you buy into the Beast, the fear, the limitations and lack?

You might feel there’s no option but to give into the beast due to pressure from finances, family, friends and worst of all… yourself.  These words are to remind you… You can Live an Extraordinary Life.  It’s a simple choice.  


Beauty Vs Beast
Whichever you perceive is exactly what you receive


When was the last time you stopped, took a breath, felt the Beauty within and allowed that part of you to be expressed?  On the otherhand, felt the Beast within and allowed the Beast to express itself? For what you suppress is longing to be expressed.  It’s why you are here, to share your unique vision with the world.  It’s what makes you come alive and everyone else around you too.

Both the Beauty and the Beast are serving a purpose and contain powerful energy to catapult you forward in life, bringing a sense of balance.  Take some time to feel what these messages are, ask the Beauty and the Beast:

  • What messages they have to share with you
  • What’s stopping me from moving forward?
  • What action can I take today to Live an Extraordinary Life?

I challenge you to set a DATE to create your version of Beauty Vs. Beast.  Something you’ve wanted to share with the world, but the Beast held you back, kept you captive.  Surrender into this exercise, free yourself from what’s been laying dormant for far too long.  Intuitively allow it to emerge into life (eg write a song, journal, art, dance, pottery).  In total vulnerability do great things appear, let your brush stroke the clean canvas, immerse yourself and dance with the energy of Beauty and Beast.



Total Vulnerability &


Enjoy this exercise, for the world is missing what you are ready to give.  I’d love to hear how you went on your DATE and what inspired you.

Interactive Article by Rachel Clissold

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  • I?¦ve recently started a blog, the info you offer on this web site has helped me greatly. Thanks for all of your time & work.

    • That’s wonderful, glad to hear the information I’ve shared has helped you! What’s the biggest lesson you’ve received?


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