For the Love of the game!

I recently had the honour of facilitating a session for Brad Fittler, who led the NSW Blues team in the State of Origin 2018 to victory, their 2nd win in 13 years!

Brad is the NRL (National Rugby League) State of Origin NSW Coach, ex NRL player. A sports icon in Australia.

After spending time with the legend, it became quite apparent that he lives a life driven by heart, which is how he led the team to win… for the love of the game… and not the glory of the prize!

Often in life we get caught up in the prize, the end game… rather than enjoying the game of life itself.  “When I win this, I’ll be happy.  When I get the man/woman, I’ll be happy.  When I have X amount of money, I’ll be happy.”  We miss out on the beauty and presence of life when we focus too far ahead of ourselves.


If you’re not loving the game, it’s time to choose a new one.
One that makes you come alive and makes you want to jump out of bed each morning.
Ask yourself
  • Am I happy in the game I’m currently playing?

– Yes? Enjoy the game!

– No? What pivots can I make now to head in a new direction?


The prize is a distraction that keeps you from presence.  YES, we need to focus on the goal line and make sure we are running in the right direction.  However, if you’re not present, you can easily drop the ball or get tackled from the side.  Remember to enjoy each moment, each pass, each drop, each moment of your life.

The highs, the lows, the challenges are all of which serve us to be greater human beings, drawing us back to presence.  To lean into the discomfort, not allow the monkey mind to disturb our inner peace, and to catch the opportunities when they show up and run with them (no matter how scary it seems)

The glory is in the moment, (not the prize) when you’re doing what you love, and sharing your unique expression with the world.


To get real with yourself and where you are in life.  If the game isn’t enjoyable, take some time to feel what you’d love to create and go for it!  It’s not as scary as you think.  The game of life is too short to sit on the sidelines watching everyone else have fun.  Get up, get involved and enjoy.

Enjoy this exercise, for the world is missing what you are ready to give.  I’d love to hear how you went and what inspired you.

Interactive Article by Rachel Clissold

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