If you are reading this… you are ready…

Throughout your session, my life experience, holistic training & awareness allows me to identify core issues, stagnant beliefs; I then create the opportunity for you to understand, accept & be free of them.

Breaking free of limitations can be an exciting & daunting process to navigate [ESPECIALLY alone], & whether you are just starting out or are well seasoned on your Spiritual Path; the support of an experienced guide like myself is invaluable.

I have spent years refining my craft to assist my clients to receive the greatest benefit in the shortest of time and enables you the courage to F*ck the Fear & Live Life on Your Terms.

Through my innate ability to hold space & support,
this process will drastically change your life

What is Reset, Revive, Thrive?

It is a 12 month experience designed for those who are ready to go deeper at a slow & steady pace, allowing time to fully integrate & embody the learnings over the year.

Utilising alternative tools &is  wisdom teachings drawn from years of experience to guide you through the transformation required to step into presence & purpose.

It’s intuitively facilitated & guided for you & will contain experiential lessons in exploring Truth, Freedom & Expression.

Integration is essential & I will nurture you through this transition

How does it work?

With an initial 90 minute consultation as the foundation of your experience. We discover where you are, where you would love to be & spend the next 12 months bridging the gap.  The next step; a 2.5 hour peak performance & holistic biohacking session in which we address core issues (which generally stem from childhood) & energetically release them from your system.

We consciously work together to create the result of living a life you dream of & move through any self imposed limitations along the way.


  • 90 minute tailored coaching sessions (12 sessions in total)
  • 2 .5 hour peak performance & holistic biohacking session
  • Session debrief (email outlining insights x 12)
  • Action Challenges to reclaim your power
  • Email support twice a week
  • Monthly 15 minute laser call (optional)
  • Monthly 10 minute Distant Reiki Session
  • Accountability

“Reset, Revive, Thrive” is designed for the ones who

  • Are wanting a slow & steady approach to transformation
  • Are ready to challenge your current mindset & shift accordingly
  • Are ready to reconnect to you to your wisdom
  • Are ready to enrich all aspects of their experience

When can I commence?

Click here to schedule a complimentary preliminary discussion which is a necessary starting point.

N.B due to the nature of the support, I have limited capacity to work with 9 “Reset, Revive, Thrive” clients a year.  During the preliminary discussion we qualify if working together is suitable for both parties.

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