The Accelerator


The 10 week Accelerator is for those that ready to explode their growth & create rapid change in their personal life & business.


  • 90 minute tailored coaching session per week (8 sessions in total)
  • 2 .5 hour peak performance & holistic biohacking session
  • Session debrief (email outlining insights, 9 in total)
  • Action Challenges to accelerate your growth
  • Optional Email support (up to 3 times during The Accelerator)

“The Accelerator” is designed for those who

  • Are ready for action & seeking guidance
  • Are seeking clarity around an experience, physical or emotional pain
  • Are looking to identify and work through a particular set of challenges
I want to help you see yourself clearly so you can do this on your own.

*Let's do this!

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