The Sensory Activation Session


Open the Vortex


This is for someone who’s working through, or being triggered at the moment with something that’s going on in their life and they feel like they can’t move forward without working on this first.

You’ll walk away feeling light, spacious, euphoric, a sense of clarity, wisdom, & purity. 

Why do we feel that is it important to feel these things? Because this is how it feels to create space within… and it’s within that space where the movement happens, the magic happens, the flow happens!

Leah Morris & I have come together from opposite sides of the planet to combine our two very different approaches and gifts. We use our unique combination of intuitive guidance and strategic action plans to support you through your own life transformations.

Watch video here 

Where the Alchemy happens:

We’ve been combining our hearts, minds, and spirits to create this exclusive session over the past year, and would like to offer this transformational experience to you.

Logging into Zoom for a live video call, Rachel facilitates a session to address a specific issue that you are having challenges moving forward with and we release it energetically from the body along with the limiting beliefs to create space for you to open up to life and receive.

Leah captures the essence of the Metamorphosis through a variety of sensory experiences as well as painting the transformation.  Leaving you with a beautiful piece of artwork reflecting the transformation. Throughout the call Leah will share her input intuitively too (but her main focus is the painting and transmuting the experience visually).

The session will be highly intuitive and all you have to do is show up.

What the Sensory Activation Includes:

We tune in with our 6th Sense (intuition) to activate your 6 Senses, packaging together for you a unique experience of intuition, smell, site, touch, taste and sound.

You will receive insights of your fully personalised immersion within 48 hours following the session including:

* A written reflection of the session
* Photo of the painting
* Guidance on how to reflect on the painting
* A list of sensory tools (taste, touch, sound)
* Suggestions to activate your taste, touch & sound senses
* Original artwork delivered

Our gifts, love. The process, love. Your result, LOVE.

From our hearts to yours,
Rachel & Leah

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