Higher Consciousness


Meditation Track


You are invited to drop into a state of deep relaxation, allowing yourself to surrender to the innate wisdom that you are.  Tune into your Higher Consciousness, awaken your senses and discover a newfound vision and appreciation for life.  Every time you listen you will receive exactly what you require.

Relax, listen, absorb and transform.

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Important Note: This is not just a meditation, I have intuitively created and infused this recording with holistic techniques.  In essence, it’s a session with me that has been recorded for you to stop and tune in.

Ensure you take some time after listening, to ground by having a glass of water and feel yourself come back into your body.

Due to the transformational nature of these recordings you may experience various symptoms.  This is merely your body releasing past energy stored in the body.

Please contact me if you require further support or guidance.  


Running Time: 11 minutes


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