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    Meditation Track

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    Meditation Track

  • Initial Connection Call


    The initial connection call is for those that are ready to invest in themselves for change.


    The leaders that are ready to step up, stop self sabotaging, people pleasing & giving too much of themselves.


    To welcome in Self Love, nurturing and create a life they love, whilst gaining clarity on the steps to move forward.

    The initial connection call will determine if it’s suitable to work together and then we progress to the Blueprint call.

    If it’s not suitable, I will politely share this with you and attempt to point you in the right direction.



    • 15 minute connection call
    • Diagnosis of current circumstances

    “The Initial Connection Call” is designed for those who

    • Are DONE with Self sabotage
    • Are ready for change & seeking guidance
    • Are ready to bring their vision to life


    I want to help you see yourself clearly so you are equipped to deal with the challenges of life moving forward.
  • Blueprint Strategy Session

    Coming Soon for 1 month

    [Ongoing] Support is the cultivating essence that can help us get from where we are to where we want to be. To see our blind spots from another’s perspective and move forward instantaneously.

    In order to create the life we love, we need to start from a clear space; this involves overcoming past pains, hurdles of fear & self imposed limitations.  I help you see your blind spots, what’s holding you back in life & gain clarity on what you’d like to achieve & find your sweet spot for life.


    • 90 minute blueprint strategy session
    • Session debrief
    • Action Challenges to accelerate your growth

    This is designed for the ones who

    • Struggle with self sabotage on multiple levels
    • Struggling with relationships, career, self esteem, family
    • Your life isn’t where you want it to be, yet, don’t know where to start
    • Are wanting a deeper connection to yourself
    • Are seeking clarity of purpose and support through the process


  • Work with me!

    Coming Soon
    Work with me to reclaim your Power & create fulfilment 
    Keeps you on point in a supportive manor to help you overcome challenges that arise over the year to flourish, thrive and move towards your vision.

    It’s intuitively facilitated and guided for you and will contain experiential lessons in exploring Communication, Moving through limitations & connecting with your Truth.


    • 60 minute tailored coaching sessions (8 sessions in total)
    • 2 hour peak performance & holistic biohacking session
    • Session debrief (email outlining insights)
    • Action Challenges to reclaim your power
    • Contact via whatsapp

    Work with me! is designed for the ones who

    • Are wanting to expand their business and personal life
    • Are done with self sabotage & people pleasing
    • Want clarity on the next steps forward
    • Need accountability in their life
    • Need support in their businesses and to keep focused
    • Want a coach to help them see life from a different perspective
    • Are ready to challenge your current mindset & shift accordingly
    • Are ready to enrich all aspects of their experience


    CLICK HERE TO Schedule an Initial Connection Call with me

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