Supression Vs Expression

Coming from a line of ancestors that couldn’t express themselves, I inadvertently learnt not to speak up which created a challenging life of suppression vs expression.  So much so, [as I couldn’t hold on any longer] I wet my pants when I was 6 years old because I didn’t want to interrupt the teacher!

I know, it’s tough when you don’t even know where to begin with the words.  Even if it comes out as quiet as a mouse, a blubbering mess, or a volcanic spew – at least you’re giving it a go.  You can’t learn how to ride a bike without falling off, but, the key is to get back up.  At times it might not be pretty, yet, having the right people around to support our innate expression creates a safe space for us to be totally raw and real.
The more we speak from our authentic voice, the more we move into a space of empowerment with each expression that moves through us.  

When we learn to accept and love ourselves as we are, we allow the whole part of ourselves to be expressed, unapologetically, without fear of rejection or the need for approval.  Rather than the facade of acting a certain way, merely to be accepted by those around us.

As we speak our truth, life will start to shift and mould around us.  Certain people and experiences will drop away simply because we’ve chosen expression over suppression.  We then attract people that are aligned with our core values and witness a great change in our lives.
The battle within is the greatest challenge you will overcome
When we can fully own our truth and express ourselves, what’s left is a feeling of deep sense empowerment as there won’t be any more bees in the bonnet that were disturbing us and draining our energy.  (Potentially, without even realising it was)

On the other side of fear, lives freedom

If we suppress the expression, life will keep repeating the patterns until the core issue is addressed and we’ve learnt the lesson.  It might not be easy, however, it’s our choice as to which we choose – freedom or fear? Expression or suppression?
  • Write uncensored for 15 – 30 minutes (simply don’t think about it and write whatever comes up)
  • Take the time to read what you wrote and see what the theme was
  • Recognise the patterns that your living your life from and shift it through observation
  • Speak your truth for 24 hours
  • Before you speak, ask yourself is this true for me? Or is it bullsh*t, am I saying it to be loved and accepted by those around me? – If it’s true for you – go for it.  If it doesn’t feel aligned, then recognise that and adjust accordingly.
Enjoy this exercise, for the world is missing what you are ready to give.  I’d love to hear what inspired you.
Interactive Article by Rachel Clissold

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  • Simple and basic common sense to some, and profound at the same time. Keep these articles coming

    • Hey Paul – we often overcomplicate things in life.. simplicity is the way forward…

      Glad to hear you enjoyed the article – what was the biggest thing you took from it?


  • The wonderful thing about our Universe is that if I have genuine curiousity, coupled with honesty and trust in the process, an answer will come on its own accord, as a vacuum is created by the asking of the question.
    So what is a question I could ask?
    What would be the supreme purpose of my life using this gift of consciousness? What should be front and central of my being whilst living that I can devote my attention to for the benefit of the Universe?
    That would necessitate now asking what would it be that will hinder me from turning my attention to focus on the above?
    I now have to ask “What is the Universe?” If the Universe is positive energy, Love energy, God energy, does it permeate everything in all its infiniteness. An answer came, yes, I must TRUST that it does! Now the question is ….that given that positive energy permeates all, what is the barrier for me from wholeheartedly relishing in a connection and oneness with it? I am aware of negative energy and its existence. I am aware it is connected to us as individuals and will be transmitted from person to person, administered with the rod of fear. I am aware that anchoring my mind with its dreams and desires in this physical world will have my attention focused outwardly, not inwardly. It is the inward journey that will connect me to the source of my creation and come to do that which will make the heavens rejoice…a lost soul gazing with gratitude on the source of its creation which it cannot see with its own eyes, but is felt. Beautiful!!! Love!!!
    Becoming familiar with the way fear, the feeling of lack, imposition of control, etc etc etc and DENERGISING the negative influence within will unfold wings that will fly into the heart of Positivity and Love that is the Universe of which I am now at ONE with.
    Thanks for asking to express myself 👏👏👏

    • Hi Neil,

      Wow, what a powerful insight – thank you for sharing, it’s amazing what moves through us when we open to the wisdom within!

  • Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

    • Thank you, appreciate the support!


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