Sustain Vs Drain

Sit with these definitions for a moment and how they apply to your life.


Strengthen or support physically or mentally


Deprive of strength or vitality

After taking these meanings into consideration.  Let’s dive straight in
Ask yourself
  • Have you forgotten to feel and listen to your bodies needs?
  • Take a moment now and check in, do you feel sustained or drained?
  • How often do you nurture yourself?

Through childhood [and adult] conditioning a lot of us have forgotten to listen to our bodies and numb it off with various vices and substances so we don’t feel the pain.  Be honest with yourself, are you doing this?  Our bodies are very powerful beacons that are there to support us through life. Rather than nurture and offer ourselves love through the experiences, a lot of us have opted to mistreat and toxify the body due to self punishment of past pains and traumas… rather than nurture and love ourselves through the experiences.

With the awareness around this, why continue to mistreat ourselves rather than offer ourselves love and acceptance.

So lets change that now, grab a pen and get writing:

  1. Create a list of the things you love and sustain your energy
  2. Write a list of what drains you, leaving you feeling depleted
  3. Which of these lists are you currently living and giving power to
Simple daily pivots will shift your life drastically 

Put this list where you can see it every day as a reminder.  Yet, as we are constantly evolving and growing; I challenge you to bring awareness to your life, how things make you feel and ask yourself; does this sustain me.. or drain me?  And shift accordingly.

Enjoy this exercise, for the world is missing what you are ready to give.  I’d love to hear how you went and what inspired you.

Interactive Article by Rachel Clissold

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  • I was reading through some of your content on this website and I think this website is really informative! Retain posting.

    • Thank you, glad to hear you are enjoying the content! Whats your biggest takeaway?


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