Brad Fittler is the NRL (National Rugby League) State of Origin NSW Coach, ex NRL player. A sports icon in Australia.

In 2018 Brad coached the NSW Blues State of Origin team to their second win in 13 years. I had the honour of facilitating a session for Brad after he drew the team to success, through encouraging the love of the game, heart & flow.

Leah Morris: Leah is a Relationship life coach. Leah shares how her coaching journey with me since September 2018 has helped her overcome the emotional abuse she experienced to see things from a clearer perspective. In turn, it’s transformed Leah’s personal life, business as a coach & relationships.

Scotty Ze: I worked with Scotty Ze over 6 months & watched him flourish over that time. A total pleasure to watch him go from strength to strength!


Amber Omar  “Rachel is a real pleasure to work with. She has been very reliable & honest while managing our expectations. Each of Rachel’s visits have been easy for both us & our members. Her educational sessions have been informative, whilst not pushing the sale of her own product. We have seen that her Reiki therapy 1:1 sessions have left members feeling relaxed and focused, which has increased their productivity in work & has lifted the energy in the office.

We have worked with Rachel since November 2016 & will continue to work with her going forward. We recommend Rachel to any other office/co-working Environments.”

Paul Gittany  “Rachel has an ability to help individuals understand & appreciate where they are in life, isn’t where they need to be, or set in stone.  Her program helps people to work out what they want in life, & then go get it.

Rachel has no hesitation in encouraging you over the line of your life’s transformation & will show up for you as required, with a gentle nudge or a metaphorical kick up the ass to get things moving.  My experience with Rachel has been valuable & I have no hesitation recommending her to any individual looking to make a positive life change.”

Marcus Nicholls “I had the pleasure of being treated by Rachel after being referred from a friend. It was a complete experience. She has amazing abilities that bring many emotions to the surface for you to work through in a very supportive way. If you are needing to shift some things or work out a bit more about who you are she is the person for you. Thanks for your help. Marcus.”

Lani Wharton “I have been wanting to make changes to my life for ages, I just didn’t know how.

Having a 2 hour session with Rachel allowed all the things that I needed to deal with to come up, in a very natural, safe & gentle way. I have since had many life changing experiences happen that I have now had the awareness & power to deal with & move forward in the direction that I desire. Even my relationships how changed for the best, people are opening up to me & I’m experiencing deeper relationships with people in my life. I feel this process is so beautiful.

Rachel is very in tune and a great facilitator. She holds a loving and safe space to help you through your process.  I highly recommend her services.”

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