Brad Fittler is the NRL (National Rugby League) State of Origin NSW Coach, ex NRL player. A sports icon in Australia.

In 2018 Brad coached the NSW Blues State of Origin team to their second win in 13 years. I had the honour of facilitating a session for Brad after he drew the team to success, through encouraging the love of the game, heart & flow.

Leah Morris: Leah is a Relationship life coach. Leah shares how her coaching journey with me since September 2018 has helped her overcome the emotional abuse she experienced to see things from a clearer perspective. In turn, it’s transformed Leah’s personal life, business as a coach & relationships.

Scotty Ze: I worked with Scotty Ze over 6 months & watched him flourish over that time. A total pleasure to watch him go from strength to strength!


Amber Omar  “Rachel is a real pleasure to work with. She has been very reliable & honest while managing our expectations. Each of Rachel’s visits have been easy for both us & our members. Her educational sessions have been informative, whilst not pushing the sale of her own product. We have seen that her Reiki therapy 1:1 sessions have left members feeling relaxed and focused, which has increased their productivity in work & has lifted the energy in the office.

We have worked with Rachel since November 2016 & will continue to work with her going forward. We recommend Rachel to any other office/co-working Environments.”

Jeffrey Slayter (ongoing client)  “I originally met Rachel at a company called Centered, she was a Project Manager and supported me whilst I was their client in 2018. As my Project Manager, I was impressed with Rachel’s attention to detail, support, intuitive nature and ability to keep me focused on the tasks at hand.
To give you a background on me, I help unconventional leaders create greater impact and meaning in their life. I am a best selling author and international speaker.

I’ve had the pleasure of sharing stages with some incredible thought leaders like Sir Richard Branson, Brian Tracy, Dr. John Demartini, Frank Kern, Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins and many others.

After working with over a million people in 13 different countries, I’m looking for someone that can juggle alot of moving parts and provide clarity; Rachel has the ability to do that.

I reached out to Rachel as I remember her professionalism hoping she’d be available to support my next project. At the time, we had no idea what the role looked like, but I knew I wanted her on my team. We allowed it to evolve naturally into Strategic Consultant.

She is extraordinary at the following skills:
* Thinking through problems and identifying solutions
* Creating an ideal event or gathering and project managing it to fruition
* Keeping things organised and running efficiently
* Tracking measurable results against timelines
* Corresponding with vendors and customers of key accounts

Rachel has an innate ability to draw out the best in people. Rachel is there when I need her, gives herself wholeheartedly and genuinely cares for me and my vision turning into reality, which is priceless with the challenges that come with entrepreneurial life.

Rachels holds the vision of what’s possible for the organisation and is alot of fun to work with to make that happen.

If you are in a position of influence; making an impact in the world and in need of support, I highly recommend Rachel. She will bring a high level of support, truth, integrity and be the perfect sounding board for your ventures.

Thank you Rachel, I appreciate everything you do and the way you consistently and authentically show up to support me.”

Charlotte Stork  “I met Rachel at a time in my life where I felt pretty lost, really needed time out to focus on myself and help to move past the challenges I had been facing as well as some past traumas and WOW…what a difference it made!

At 28, I wanted to change my way of thinking, live in the now and change the habitual way of thinking that had been engrained into me through society and past experiences. My self-esteem I had for myself was pretty much non-existent and I was my own worst enemy. I had tried a psychologist for a while but found that there was only so much that whilst they are great listeners, I needed a different approach to get where I wanted to be!

I felt an instant connect with Rachel and felt I could be myself and totally honest about where I was at. Rachel is compassionate, friendly, patient, bubbly and non-judgemental! After working together for 3 months, I feel like a different person. She has taught me a lot of lessons and to see things in a different perspective. She is a great healer and guided me to where I needed to be. Our face to face sessions were always in beautiful locations and I particularly enjoyed our final one where we watched the sunrise at Tamarama beach with Whales swimming past

I really couldn’t recommend Rachel more! She’s fantastic”

Paul Gittany  “Rachel has an ability to help individuals understand & appreciate where they are in life, isn’t where they need to be, or set in stone.  Her program helps people to work out what they want in life, & then go get it.

Rachel has no hesitation in encouraging you over the line of your life’s transformation & will show up for you as required, with a gentle nudge or a metaphorical kick up the ass to get things moving.  My experience with Rachel has been valuable & I have no hesitation recommending her to any individual looking to make a positive life change.”

Chandler Hotchkin – 8 week online programme
Rachel is every bit as approachable as you want a life coach to be. She is an amazing listener, who wants to understand you and make you reach your goals. Rachel is extremely open and easy to talk to.
If you haven’t felt heard before, you need to talk to Rachel. She will make you feel 100% seen and heard. If you are looking for someone who is sympathetic, nurturing, constructive, and all around awesome, then look no further than Rachel! You won’t regret it.

Danielle Luise
Rachel is a gem! I worked with her for an 8 week program. I have had trouble getting in touch with my spiritual side, but Rachel made the process so easy with hypnotherapy! I rarely cry, and during the process I was overwhelmed with emotions I haven’t felt in years.
She is incredibly intelligent and has a true understanding of how to tune into each individual. She was spunky, fun and full of energy during the whole process making each session fun to attend. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to work through past trauma and getting in touch with their spiritual side!

Lisa Kowalewski 
I didn’t really know what to expect working with a life coach, as I had never tried it. I admit that I was a little apprehensive at first. But I am so glad went for it.
Over the 8 weeks, I learned so much about myself and so many different tools to use while working on myself. I also loved meeting and working with other awesome women who are on their own journey. I felt so much support. Id recommend this eight week journey to anyone wanting to find authentic love.
Thank you Rachel for your openness and support.

Dijana “Rachel is a phenomenal healer and intuitive personal coach. I have seen her numerous times for Reiki and twice for the 3 hour session. Each time physical ailments either improved significantly or completely disappeared (back pain in particular).

Most significant, however, were the transformations that took place in my life, from gaining clarity about my career path (and subsequent quantum leaps in the form of both promotions and job satisfaction) to a sense of total contentment with life as it is without the need to fix, improve or change anything.

Anxiety disappeared, replaced by total peace. I’d recommend Rachel to anyone who wants optimal health and happiness.”

Melissa Ritter
“Rachel has been an important part of my journey to lead me to where I am today. Her coaching and healing abilities are professional but also very personal and full of love. I chose Rachel to also do my masters in Reiki with as I knew she would be an amazing teacher and a support to me as her student, she definitely didn’t let me down.
I could not recommend Rachel more! If you are needing guidance and feeling lost Rachel will be able to help you find your way with her kind, loving and gentle approach.”

Lee Milhench
Rachel’s approach is holistic and constantly evolving. She is open minded, curious, empathetic and sincerely cares about the life happiness of those around her.
Absolutely worth having online sessions with, allow Rachel to feel the energy you are omitting and see what she back at you with… I can attest to it being AWESOME

Jennifer Riggs
Rachel is a beautiful soul with healing powers that are hard to explain in words as they are deeply felt and experienced. I immediately felt connected, loved and supported when working with Rachel. It was truly as if she has known me my entire life.
I spent 8 days working with Rachel through messages and writing and it felt as though she was right next to me the whole time. I was moved to tears and felt a sense of love and safety that helped me shift and let go of fears and blocks that had been keeping me from connecting with life and my loved ones the way I wanted to. I am sure to work with her again in the future.

Marcus Nicholls “I had the pleasure of being treated by Rachel after being referred from a friend. It was a complete experience. She has amazing abilities that bring many emotions to the surface for you to work through in a very supportive way. If you are needing to shift some things or work out a bit more about who you are she is the person for you. Thanks for your help. Marcus.”

Lani Wharton “I have been wanting to make changes to my life for ages, I just didn’t know how.

Having a 2 hour session with Rachel allowed all the things that I needed to deal with to come up, in a very natural, safe & gentle way. I have since had many life changing experiences happen that I have now had the awareness & power to deal with & move forward in the direction that I desire. Even my relationships how changed for the best, people are opening up to me & I’m experiencing deeper relationships with people in my life. I feel this process is so beautiful.

Rachel is very in tune and a great facilitator. She holds a loving and safe space to help you through your process.  I highly recommend her services.”

Anonymous review by a Senior Client Manager
Wow!! I’ve had many energy and emotional Release sessions but this experience with Rachel was amazing. I got clarity on The cause of some deep issues and got to release them in the same breath. I left the session feeling light, looking younger and sitting in a space of deep confidence about my life.
Thank you rachel for creating such a magical space.

Rachel is an amazing intuitive healer. Her intuition is spot on and working with her she has a way of bringing you into your body, into the present moment and calming you. Helping you shift our of the anxieties of like and into flow.
Highly recommend working with this gorgeous soul xxxx

Laura Page
Rachael is a fantastic intuitive. With calm, small suggestions she gradually shifted so much for me.

Kim Martin
Sometimes Thankyou’s just do not seem enough!
I have had a life filled with many challenges and experiences that were down right awful! And because of all of that, I had developed beliefs and ways of handling situations that were sabotaging my life and preventing me from really living and loving life and those in it. I would even sometimes ‘watch myself and hear myself do these behaviours’ but for some reason I was like on a remote control!
The session with Rachel was 2. 5 hours and in this time she helped me get really clear on the exact issues / problems and then she set to work WITH me using her amazing range of tools and techniques and we one by one let them all go!!!
Rachel was so loving and supportive, so as much as you may think 2.5 hours is a long time, it doesn’t feel that way and at the completion of the session, you end up being at such a place of inner peace with nothing but love and gratitude and a deep connection with yourself.
AND the great news is that when you go to access old patterns and triggers they are simply not there!! The work Rachel does cements it all in so there is NO going back to your old ways!
My life in all areas is now thriving and I cannot recommend Rachel enough – most of all, she is very caring and has a beautiful heart with a genuine desire to help others be the best they can be. You could not ask for more than that.
Thank you so very much, I am very grateful.”

Finn McAleer “In 2014 I had my first energy session with Rachel. I have to say it was quite a suprising experience.

Within the first few conversations I had with Rachel, she mentioned she could feel a ‘block’ around my chest and throat area. I found it amusing as she was not the first person to point that out. The previous and only other 2 people to point this out to me were masters of chi in their own individual rights and I will always respect them. So Rachel had already caught my attention when she told me this.
Meeting Rachel for the first time, I could feel a strong and positive energy. Like I said I am open minded to energy that people carry. It is very rare that you meet a person with such positive energy that it doesn’t drain your own. Another reason I was impressed by Rachel.
When we finally got down to the treatment itself, I felt very calm. Within in moments I drifted into a deep state of relaxation. My mind became silent and time literally disappeared. What felt like 15 minutes was well over an hour and took me some time before I came out of the state of trance.
The only way I could describe how I felt after the healing was a sense of weightlessness on my upper chest and shoulders. As if whatever invisible pressure was there was gone. A good analogy would be the feeling of wearing a really tight shoe for so long it feels normal, so when you take it off, you get an unusual sense of relief or freedom. Rachel has really intrigued me with the experience and has opened my mind in light of recent conversations we shared.
Rachel is a shimmer of light in the vast darkness that surrounds us.I am looking forward to follow up sessions with her and would definitely recommend her as somebody who feel’s the chi. She will make a good mentor to anyone interested in finding their inner chi as she lives her life in a manor that is admirable to the faint of heart”

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