Silence Vs Sharing

Over the last few weeks I’ve experienced first hand what it is to have strong space held for me, to open my heart and purge stagnated emotions with deep healing in the moment.
It’s powerful when you’re vulnerable enough to share and open yourself

I count myself lucky to witness this shift in my clients as I hold space for them.  Yet, as an energy coach being on the flip side, I got to experience directly how powerful we are when we join forces with an intention, just how rapidly healing occurs.

We can heal alone, yet in my experiences it creates it an uphill battle when we are born into a community that thrives when we support each other.  Buried emotions can be poisonous, yet we don’t have to suffer in silence.

The support is always there, we just need the courage to be vulnerable and express the truth of what’s actually going on when the moment arises with people you trust.

Allow yourself to drop into your body and let go the cloudiness of thoughts and emotions which blanket the truth.
Ask yourself:
  1. How can I open myself more?
  2. Who in my life can I be vulnerable with?
  3. What’s stopping me from reaching out to them now?
1. Be open enough to share with those that care.
2. When you wake up in the morning, stop for 5 minutes and breathe.  Get out of your head, drop into your body and heart.  Feel the energy shift when you breathe deeply and allow a sense of calm to wash over you.  Then move into your day

Enjoy this exercise, for the world is missing what you are ready to give.  I’d love to hear how you went and what inspired you.

Interactive Article by Rachel Clissold

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